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The seventeen environments

The complex of Lu Palatzu of Baldu is characterised by a square tower and by seventeen rooms arranged around a large pentagonal courtyard, which may be accessed from the north-eastern side (fig. 1). The rectangular-sized rooms vary in size.

Fig. 1 - Luogosanto, area of Santu Stevanu: site plan of Lu Palatzu di Baldu (Graphic reconstruction by C. Cocco).

Some of these spaces have been investigated during the site excavations, where a few aspects of both the walls and their intended use were highlighted. It was also possible to recognise a particular building pattern, called "double room", which involves joining two spaces (one larger and one smaller one) through one access: this happens in the case of kappa (κ) and iota (ι), (figs. 2-3); pi (π) and alpha (α); csi (ξ) and ni (ν).

Fig. 2 - The Palace of Baldu, rooms ι and κ, view from the East (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).
Fig. 3 - The Palace of Baldu, room κ, seen from the West (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

It has been hypothesised that the rooms had different uses, such as housing and workshop: the latter was found in rooms beta (β) and gamma (γ), where numerous metal artefacts were unearthed; other rooms must have been used as warehouses, kitchens, stables and workshops. The artefacts found within the various spaces have connected their manufacture and use to a time span ranging between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries.


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