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Double basilicas

Two double basilicas (fig. 1) were found in the Christian complex of Columbaris, also found in Africa, especially in the basilicas found at Bulla Regia (fig. 2) and Sbeitla (basilica III): the two buildings have a wall in common and the apses are oriented in the opposite direction.

Fig. 1 - Columbaris, map of the Episcopal complex: to the left the main basilica, on the right the baptismal one (from FARRIS 1993, p. 100, tab. 5).
Fig. 2 - Bulla Regia: map of the town indicating the double basilicas (from

The name «double or twinned churches» indicates two basilicas linked by a wall structure or by areas and spaces. It has been possible to find several similar complexes. The two worship chambers could have been built at the same time or shortly after one another. They are often built parallel or with the second one placed on the East-West axis, as an extension of the first. They have been interpreted in various ways: initially linked to a seasonal aspect, seeing the smaller chamber as the one used in winter, and the larger one in summer. According to others, it should be related to ordinary celebrations and the solemn ones or to imperial customers. It has been ascertained that they were present in monasteries and places of pilgrimage until the Merovingian Era and the Carolingian Era (centuries V-IX). The double cathedral seems to have existed between the IV and IX centuries in several European places. Several can be found in France, Italy (fig. 3), Croatia (fig. 4), Hungary, in Africa and Palestine.

Fig. 3 - Aquileia: map of the Theodorian complex (from BISCONTI 2009, p. 315, fig. 2).
Fig. 4 - Salona: double basilicas and baptistery (TESTINI 1980, p. 613, fig. 298).


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