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Arzachena during the Nuraghic Age

The territory of Arzachena played a very important role during the Nuraghic Age as it was located in order to have visual control of the access to the Gulf of Cugnana, the coastal route of communication. Inside there are various archaeological sites such as nuraghi, tafoni, walls, hut villages, burial and worship areas, often in relation to each other. The characteristic town of the Nuraghic Age is embodied by the complex of Albucciu (fig. 1), enclosed in the mountains of San Pantaleo, Luogosanto in the Limbara massif, and of La Prisgiona (fig. 2) in Capichera.

Fig. 1 - View from above of nuraghe Albucciu (from ANTONA 2013, p. 97).
Fig. 2 - The Nuraghe complex with village of La Prisgiona (from HTTP://PRISGIONA.BEEPWORLD.IT/FILES/PRISGIONA1.JPG).

A complex nuraghe site can be found instead in the Malchittu region, where the most prominent construction is a sacred temple building of the in antis type (fig. 3).

Fig. 3 - Temple of Malchittu (from


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