Pipe chamber

The survey of burials in the central crypt and side naves under the floor of Sant’Eulalia has enabled identification of items linked to the daily lives and clothes of those buried there. In particular, a pipe chamber and shank belonging to one of the dead were found in the funerary layers of the central crypt (figs. 1-2).

Fig. 1 - Pipe chamber (photo by AFS).
Fig. 2 - Museum display: pipe chamber in its current place in the archaeological area (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

The chamber, cylindrical, has two parts divided by a ring: in the upper part the terracotta has a smooth surface, while in the lower one, and in the shank, it is furrowed by vertical grooves. Inside you can see traces of tobacco burnt.

This example from Cagliari, in the light of Italian and foreign comparisons (for example Nora - fig. 3, L’Aquila - fig. 4 and Croatia) can be dated to the XVIII-XIX century.

Fig. 3 - Pipe chamber from Nora (from Previato 2009, p. 764, fig. 2, pipe 2).
Fig. 4 - Pipe chamber from the former convent of San Domenico at L’Aquila (from Verrocchio 2011, p. 156, fig. 231).


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