Fragment of jug with an engraved Latin inscription (Thomes)

A fragment of the wall of a small jug used to contain liquid food was found during the excavation of the semi-circular worship space (exedra) of the Giants’ tomb of Thomes (figs. 1, 2), which retains a very incomplete engraved Latin inscription (fig. 3): [...] MA [...].

Fig. 1 - Giants’ tomb of Thomes-Dorgali (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).
Fig. 2 - The 1977 excavation at the Exedra (from the Archive of the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage for the provinces of Sassari and Nuoro).
Fig. 3 - Olpe wall fragment, Archaeological Museum of Dorgali (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

Despite its small size, the artefact is particularly interesting as it is one of the oldest known finds from the Historic Period documented so far in the territory of Dorgali. The artefact dates back to the IV-III centuroes B.C. and is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Dorgali (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 - Archaeological Museum of Dorgali (from




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