(Pre-Nuragic Age)

There is a petroglyph engraved on a cliff on Orrì beach (fig. 1); it is a graffito proving the artistic skills of our prehistoric ancestors.

This portrayal (0.30 m long; 0.40 m wide; with a deep 0.05 m incision) reproduces, in a diagram format, two anthromorphical figures surmounted by a solar disc (figs. 2, 3). The female figure, to the left, has arms and legs indicated by a double upturned U, while the breasts are indicated by two cups engraved between torso and arms. In the male figure on the right, the arms are indicated by a horizontal line, while between the forked legs there is indication of the male member, portrayed as an extension to the line of the torso (fig. 4). Because of where the graffito is located, it is sometimes hidden by the sand.

Fig. 1 - Location of the Orrì beach (from Google 2015).
Figs. 2, 3 - The rock on the Orrì beach with the petroglyph (from Archeo System 1990 a, p. 69).
Fig. 4 - Petroglyph relief (from Archeo System 1990 a, p. 69).




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