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Underground necropolis of Monte Terli

The granite hill of Monte Terli houses an important tomb complex in domus de janas. The relief faces the hill of S’Ortali ’e Su Monte and though the two sites are currently separated by the road leading to the beach of Orrì, they were probably originally a single settlement.

The underground necropolis of Monte Terli has eight domus de janas: four dug in isolated boulders on the west side and four on a wall with no easy access (figs 1-4).

Fig. 1 - Underground necropolis of Monte Terli. The isolated boulders in which the single-cell domus de janas are dug (from Fadda 2012, p. 13, fig. 12).
Fig. 2 - Underground necropolis of Monte Terli. Plan of the single-cell Tomb 1 (from Fadda 2012, p. 14, fig. 14).
Fig. 3 - Underground necropolis of Monte Terli. Vestibule of Tomb 3 dug in a rock wall (from Fadda 2012, p. 16, fig. 16).
Fig. 4 - Underground necropolis of Monte Terli. Tombs 4-5 (from Fadda 2012, p. 18, fig. 17).

Menhìrs are associated to the tombs. This concentration of tombs and menhirs found in the hill of S’Ortali ’e Su Monte is proof of neolithic settlements and farming populations. In most cases, the megaliths of  Monte Terli and S’Ortali ’e Su Monte indicated burial grounds.



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