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Su Nuraxi: the central tower

Tower A has an external base diameter of 10 metres and a residual height of 14 metres (estimated original height of over 18 metres); when it was complete it provided a wide view over the valley of Pardu’e S’Eda (fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - View from the keep over the valley of Pardu’e S’Eda (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

It is entered through an architraved trapezoid-shape door (height 2.07 metres) facing South that leads through to the ground floor chamber through a small foyer, with a niche on the right (fig. 1).

Fig. 2 - Right, the keep entrance (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

The latter is round (diameter 4.80 m; height 7.76 metres) and two large niches on both sides (fig. 3).

Fig. 3 - Niche on the ground floor of the keep (photo by Unicity S.p.A.).

On the wall of the chamber, at 4.22 metres from the floor, there is the chamber staircase, that was originally reached by a mobile wooden or rope ladder that leads to the upper floor via 10 steps (diameter 2.40 metres; height 5.90 metres). On the wall of this room, at 1.75 metres from the floor, there is a 13-step staircase that gives access to the last room (diameter 1.20 metres), of which only the base blocks remain, with a landing supported by stone corbels.



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