In 1984 a medieval necropolis was discovered a few hundred metres from the Castle della Fava, situated in Part'e Sole. The excavation revealed 17 graves (many of them of children), some were pit tombs and others were carved in stone, dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries according to the elements which constituted the grave goods (fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Necropolis of Part'e Sole, (Posada, NU) general plan of the site area (from D’ORIANO et alii 1989, fig. 41).

Since ancient times, the dead have been placed inside tombs together with their grave goods, which consisted of everyday objects (terracotta and glass vases, weapons, jewellery, coins), and which differed according to the era and social status of the deceased. Clothing items (belts, buckles) and devotional objects (tags, rosaries) are often found within Medieval Age burials.

From a child’s burial, archaeologists have unearthed two bronze tags in addition to a bronze bell and various necklace beads made of shell (shells) and jet (fossil wood) materials (figs. 2-3): one represents an Annunciation scene on one side and an architectural facade, perhaps a church, on the other, the second has a male bust and bearded face, which may probably be identified with Christ, and a kneeling character. Based on a coin found on the head of the deceased, the grave has been dated between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, and history seems to agree with the iconography of the two tags.

Fig. 2 - Tags found in a child’s tomb (from D’ORIANO et alii 1989, fig. 43).
Fig. 3 - Tags found in a child’s tomb (from D’ORIANO et alii 1989, fig. 44).


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